Morus Studio recommends hand washing all silk products to preserve the material and prolong its life. However, if great care is taken, you can machine wash your products, as well. See our tips below for each method.

HAND WASHING: Wash your silk products in lukewarm water (86F) using a mild detergent. Avoid anything with bleach, enzymes, or other brightening agents. Rinsing your silk products with a few drops of distilled vinegar can help break down sweat and soap residue. Rinse quickly, and do not let silk products soak for too long. Avoid twisting or “wringing out” the fabric in an effort to dry it as this can cause the fibers to break down prematurely.

MACHINE WASHING: If you don't have the time or patience, you can machine wash your silk products if great care is taken. Place your silk products in a protective bag such as a mesh delicates bag or a cotton pillowcase prior to placing in the washer. Be sure to use the delicate cycle and shorten your spin cycle settings if possible. Again, use a mild detergent avoiding bleaches and brighteners. Do not leave your silk products in the wash for extended periods of time, and lay flat to dry.